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Campfire Legends: The Babysitter Walkthrough

Campfire Legends: The Babysitter Walkthrough
General Tips
Hints in Campfire Legends come in the form of Fireflies. Fireflies will appear at random throughout most of the areas in the game, and will replenish themselves overtime. Because of this, Fireflies are not circled in the guide below. Often Fireflies won't appear in the same place back-to-back, however when you run out of hints you can count on more appearing in your vicinity. You can store up to five hints at a time.
Note: for items of the same type you need to find that are located throughout several rooms, i.e. lizards, do NOT use hints on these! They will be wasted repeating the goal.
Hints will not be wasted if there's nothing to do in a specific area.
Puzzles may be skipped, however it will cost three hints in order for you to do so. Each hint will move you closer to the goal before giving you the option to skip the puzzle entirely. Many puzzles can also be reset.
The current Goal in the game can be turned on and off from the button on the bottom right corner of the screen.
The Items button on the bottom left of the screen will keep track of items in your inventory: items you still need to find will be shown at the bottom of the screen.
The main Menu can be accessed via the Menu button at the bottom left corner of the screen: the game will automatically save when exited to the main Menu.
When resuming a game, you will be given to option to take off from where you left off, or start your game over.
Completing the main story mode of the game will unlock Haken's Journal Mode, accessible from the main Menu.
Haken's Journal Mode: this is a bonus unlockable mode which allows you more insight into the story through the eyes of Haken himself. Complete each hidden object location to move on to the next area and unlock more of Haken's Journal. Items listed at the bottom of the screen are randomized, and areas are timed. If you do not complete an area within the given time limit, you will have the option to restart. About half the items on the list will be re-randomized while half will remain the same as the previous attempt in hopes of giving you better odds to complete the area.
Objects throughout the game have a chance of being randomized: however, the guide below still circles item locations, as they may very well be the same in your personal playthrough.

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